FAQ'S / What You Should Know - This applies to everyone who contacts me

Why wont you answer my call/text/email ?



For the following reasons


Your number is blacklisted 


Your behaviour is disturbing/annoying/rude 


You sound drunk/high on the phone (no thanks)

You call on a witheld number (I never answer them)

Your request deemed inapropriate/vague/not of interest


You have previously booked & not turned up (Timewaster your number gets logged and ignored)You cant call text only (That doesn't wash with me find a suitable time and call its not that difficult)


Continues calls for chit chat (Why why why? what do you need to know/require? Everything is stated here if you seek my time for chit chat then tribute for a phonecall.


Do you offer sexual services?

Absolutely not!! Just to make things clear although you will be ordered to remove your clothes, That doesn't mean i will too. Anybody asking for this will be BLOCKED If you are looking for a bit of ''fun'' then lookup escort ad's not dominatrix.

What are your limits?


Not alot phazes me, I am always open to exploring subs darker fetishes there's not alot that would shock me. 

I will not role play/discuss/take part anything to do with animals or anyone who is not of age of consent. 

I've contacted you but haven't heard back.


Firstly apologies please bear in mind i work a day job, host many accounts on different sites, my own website, my personal life, emails personal & domme. I do try to keep updated with mail and respond within hours or that day - I am a busy lady.

I'm new to this - What will you do to me?


If you have only just started to discover your kinky side i will show you the ropes - Meaning, Within a session with me i will guide you gently to start by using different tools/instruments ect and each time i will ask how what i am using/doing to you makes you feel. This way we can begin to understand your likes and dislikes.

Repetitive Texting

This is irritating

Do not send me messages

''Hi How Are You/Are You Busy?''

If you want my attention

Be patient and have some respect & i may just reply if your message deemed sweet.



Text/Email/Whatsapp/Twitter DM 
I respond to messages at my own convienience.

I have a busy life aside of BDSM.


What happens in your sessions?


Before any session takes place, If the sub i am meeting i haven't met before i require either in an email/text a brief description of his/her likes & dislikes sent to me then i can use that information and process it and use it within our session. All my sessions are tailor made catering to each and ever individuals fetishes.

Unexpected Arrival - UNRULY

NEVER turn up at Goddesses Dungeon without Permission or without Prior Confirmation for a Scheduled Session.

Fantasist Phonecalls - Why bother?
Everything listed in full detail is right here on my website. 
Never will i elaborate in full details what i offer within my sessions for your satisfaction.

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